[PvP] System Revamps

Weekly/Daily Missions

Added several new daily missions for PvP. Press "V" to open the Event UI (or "N" and click Event)

Weekly Missions

  • Humanity Switch OFF: DEMOLISH
    • Acheive 50 PvP kills
    • Player 15 ladder matches
Currently bugged sorry -Altair

Daily Missions

  • Animeme's Bizzare Adventure
    • Win 1 PvP match
    • Lose 1 PvP match
    • Win 5 PvP matches
    • Reward: 7 Warrior Trophies (each)
  • Kiy's Trial of Blood
    • Play Wipeout Mode 3 times...
    • Win Wipeout Mode 3 times ROFL!!!
    • Reward: 7 Warrior Trophies (each)
  • The Sad One's Quest
    • Play Ghoul Mode 2 times :(
    • Reward: 7 Warrior Trophies (each)
  • Salad's Vengeance
    • Play 5 PvP matches
    • Reward: 7 Warrior Trophies (each)
  • Humanity Switch OFF: DEMOLISH
    • Win 1 ladder match
    • Play 3 ladder matches
    • Achieve 10 kills in PvP
    • Reward: 7 Warrior Trophies (each)

Elite Quartermaster Shop Changes

The shop now offers PERMANENT versions of the arena costumes and weapons!

  • Currency: [Warrior's Trophy]
  • Costume pieces cost 50 trophies each
  • Obtained via clearing various PvP missions

Arena PvP Shop Host: Josh

Shop has been changed

  • Used to cost ladder points, now cost Warrior Trophies
  • Costume pieces cost 35 trophies each
  • Currently selling [Reincarnation Flame Magic] set
  • Shop contents will change over time

[PvP] Class Balancing


  • [Aerial Block] is now a passive skill, left click while in the air


  • [Side Dodge] moved to the Gladiator tree (also effects PvE)


  • [Divine Judgement] reverted to original state (PvE/PvP), which means its disabled in PvP (subject to discussion)
  • Reimplemented EXP when losing matches in Rounds
  • DWC NPC no longer accidentally uses Warrior Trophies and uses Goddess Medals again
  • DWC NPC now sells DWC armors
  • Machina and Lencea now spawns with 10x Goddess Aura
  • PvP Ranking system adjusted
Please remember the fact that we are still in beta and creating foundational work from the ground up. There are bound to be bugs and issues, but we most communicate and solve them. #reports #formatit