Small patch for some small changes and bugfixes.

PvE Content

Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore (Practice)

Because why not, also because people been asking and it caused quite the conversation lol

Added [Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore (Practice)] at the [Hyperbolic Time Chamber]

There is no gate select but you have unlimited revives

[PvE] Class Balancing

/\c24\Lunar Knight

Most popular Dream Jade request is finally in! tl;dr use Moonfall on smaller targets and CM3 CC on bigger targets. This is a pretty small buff to overall DPS although as with any rotation change this does carry some runaway risk, so we'll be ready to nerf MBD if needed to compensate

[Crescent Cleave EX] changed to replace [Crescent Cleave] with [Moonfall]

Rapidly rain 8 cleaves of lunar light down on the enemy, finish with a blast of light
2,119% per cleave (total 16,956%)
Final blast 16,956%

[CM3 Crescent Cleave] is unchanged

Minipatch 672

[Moonfall] expectedly was an indirect buff to CM3 MBD since you don’t need to burn IW for CC

[CM3 MBD] damage boost reduced 25% → 15%
[Moonfall] damage reduced by 20%; skill crests work again (so no net change)


Some changes. Doesn't really have an effect on total DPS as they're just really used for chaining as gearstep. Something to help out until Patrona rework comes around for Project Duck. They're practically 0 CD anyway under Pressure Release

[Stomp Shuffle] cooldown reduced: 10s --> 0s
[Steam Release] cooldown reduced: 10s --> 0s
[Cycle Kick] cooldown reduced: 10s --> 0s
[Ducking] cooldown reduced 5s --> 0s


Inconsistent DPS due to crits has been mostly resolved. Intense Shock which was 50-52% of your DPS is now changed from a 1 hit skill to a 3 hit combo attack. The point is to increase the number of hits in order to decrease the "ah shit, no crit for the 4th time in a row" feeling that you get. Intense Shock should now also make the class feel more like a combo class. According to calculations and preliminary testing, Intense Shock should sit around 35-38% of your skill spread as it is also getting nerfed. All other key skills are getting buffed to compensate. Body Check CM3 Intense Shock was also largely unused so we're giving it a use-case as more bubble gen and utility. No love for L-Buster Intense Shock, at least for now.

Eyes peeled wide open to see if it's too strong/weak. Can be fixed in a hotfix

Let me know how it feels, from the two testers who have tried it. They said it feels great - Joorji

[L-Action] damage increased: 7100% → 9940%
[L-Combo] damage increased: 7620% → 10668%
[Stunt Rush] damage increased: 6740% → 10784%
[Skipping] damage increased: 7225% → 11560%
[L-Buster] damage increased: 7150% → 10367%
[Limit Runner] air-cast is now an iframe to match regular cast
[Intense Pulse] can now be held down with the skill key to continue quickly converting [Pulse] into [Intense Pulse]
[Intense Shock]

  • Damage decreased: 20000% → 14000%
  • Coefficients changed: 200% in 1 hit → 200% in 3 hits (66.66% each)
  • Base animation speed decreased
  • Hold [Special Attack Button] to chain two extra attacks, speed increases with each chain on certain skills

[Class Mastery III Body Check]

  • Cooldown decreased: 8s → 7.2s
  • No longer procs [Intense Shock] when holding [Special Attack Button]
  • No longer consumes [Intense Pulse]
  • Damage reduced: 10000% → 2042%
  • Skill lockout reduced

[Domination] damage increased: 3300% → 4785%
[Awakened Passive Wide Intent] no longer enhances [Chain Cruiser]
[Chain Cruiser]

  • Damage increased: 7000% → 8400%
  • Hitbox changed to always be cone
  • When used with [Intense Pulse] no longer increases range
  • Can now be used with [Intense Shock]
  • Camera-lock removed


Skill CDs are a little long with a kinda uncomfortable rotation. Should be fixed. Watching this in case it's too strong.

[Carnival Rush] cooldown reduced: 21s --> 20s
[Lightning Rise] cooldown reduced: 16s --> 14s
[Awakened Flood Trick] cooldown reduced: 14s --> 13s
[CM3 Pivot Shot] able to tumble out of it


  • Added sound fx to [Laser Piercer] for some reason ED didn't have sound effects for it ????
  • Bubble duration increased for the following: Lunar Knight, Gladiator, Barbarian, Destroyer, Sniper, Warden, Black Mara, Raven, Impactor, Lustre
    (we'll get to more eventually)


  • Dawn of the Imperial name fixes
  • Fix Dawn of the Imperial assassin helmet not being visible
  • Disabled portals in Ironwood, Mana Ridge, and Carderock