Hello, my name is Zach (ZenZach#0007). I've been playing Dragon Nest since 2016 and Duck since 2019. I play a variety of different classes and you can see my other guides for Lunar Knight, Sniper, and Ice Witch in the Class Guide Archive.


Pyromancer is a specialization of the Sorceress class that has been recently reworked to focus on mid-range damage and attacks using large AoE skills. The class now revolves around [Summon Meteor] and two bubble generation skills–[Ignite] and [Flash Fire]–as her primary DPS, while using other skills as filler to maintain her damage.

Pyro's Bubble System

Using [Ignite] and [Flash Fire] generates bubbles for Pyromancer. Upon casting either skill you will gain 1 bubble. These skills should be used off cooldown to reach 3 bubbles as quickly as possible to utilize the level 3 version of [Summon Meteor]. Do not cast [Flash Fire] or [Ignite] if you already have 3 bubbles, as this will waste the creation of a bubble.



[Fire Burst (CM3)]: CM3 enables the blood moon jade version of [Hotrod] and increases damage and movement speed.

[Wheeling Staff]: Level this to 6 and use it to push, nothing else.

[Shock Wave]: Another pushing skill and nothing else.


[Fireball]: High burst damage skill with small AoE that needs to be charged up in order to double its base damage. Use [Phoenix Strike] with this to make it an instant fully charged [Fireball] that does not share a cooldown with the base skill.  [Applies Burn Effect 🔥]

[Phoenix Strike]: This is your elemental debuff and enables the Instant version of [Fireball] for 2.2 seconds. This should always be used in tandem with [Fireball Instant] as they have the same cooldown time.  [Applies Burn Effect 🔥]

[Glacial Freeze]: An Ice Witch skill that is used after casting [Phoenix Strike] but before [Fireball (Instant)] to maximize DPS. During the 2.2 second up time of [Fireball (Instant)], cast [Glacial Freeze] and then cancel its animation by using [Fireball (Instant)].

[Inferno]: Outputs a large AoE cone for 3 seconds that deals constant damage. This can be canceled by left clicking, dealing 80% of the skill's casting damage. In terms of high damage skills, [Inferno] should be used last as its long casting time in order to reach full damage makes it a lower priority over other skills. [Applies Burn Effect 🔥]

[Fire Wall]: Filler skill that creates a small AoE around you with a right and left click function that both deal additional damage.  [Applies Burn Effect 🔥]

  • Primarily use the right click after cast for the most damage.
  • Utilize the left click if your target is in a shorter range.

[Hotrod]: Utility skill that increases movement speed and reduces damage taken by 30% during cast. Always cast [Fireburst (CM3)] before using [Hotrod] to enable the Blood Moon Jade version of [Hotrod] and to increase damage dealt. [Hotrod (CM3)] will also drag moveable objects and trash mobs around during the animation.  [Applies Burn Effect 🔥]

[Ignite]: One of Pyromancer's bubble generation skills that only deals damage to burned targets. Ensure that your target is burned or cast any skill that has the [Burn] mark on it before using [Ignite]. Prioritize [Ignite] off cooldown to maximize bubble generation for [Summon Meteor].

[Elemental Shield]: Grants a 20% damage reduction and increase of 50% to your Super Armor. Use this before casting your [Hotrod (CM3)] to help avoid being interrupted. This can also be used with [Volcanic Vortex] to help you tank damage you can’t avoid.

[Volcanic Vortex]: An iframe that gives you 70% damage reduction during the cast. The animation can be canceled by dodging to the left, right or backwards. Do not use this skill for damage – due to its long casting time you will lose DPS.  [Applies Burn Effect 🔥]


[Burning Hand]: Passive skill that has a 40% chance to deal 40% additional damage to burned targets. This is Pyromancer’s RNG element and will increase your burst damage when it procs.

[Magma Ball]: AoE burst skill similar to [Fireball]. However, its animation can be canceled for full damage with right click. [Applies Burn Effect 🔥]

[Flash Fire]: Pyro’s second bubble generation skill with a set range that deals 2 seconds of AoE damage before erupting. Prioritize [Flash Fire] off cooldown to maximize bubble generation for [Summon Meteor].  [Applies Burn Effect 🔥]

[Summon Meteor]: Creates a massive AoE of damage based on the number of bubbles you have prior to cast.

  • Casting with 0 bubbles will drop 1 meteor and leaves a burning pool that will do 40% of [Summon Meteor]'s base damage; each additional bubble will level up [Summon Meteor] and drop 1 additional meteor and burning pool.
  • Once you reach 3 bubbles you will summon 5 meteors, each dealing the base damage of meteor and the burning pool. The Level 3 meteor should always be prioritized as it deals the most damage proportionate to the amount of bubbles required to cast. All 4 variations of [Summon Meteor] have their own unique cooldown, meaning you can chain different combinations of meteors together.
  • The most optimal use of your bubbles is to stack up to 3 and then cast [Summon Meteor] followed up by recasting [Summon Meteor] with no bubbles. This rotation makes the best use of your 12 second cooldown on [Summon Meteor] while generating stacks and maintaining DPS.
  • In certain scenarios where a large amount of burst is required, you can cast Level 3 [Summon Meteor] --> Level 0 [Summon Meteor] --> [Ignite]/[Flash Fire] --> Level 1 [Summon Meteor]. Try to avoid this unless necessary as it will delay your higher damage Level 3 [Summon Meteor]. Level 2 [Summon Meteor] should not be used as its damage is significantly lower than level 3 and lacks the rotation fluidity that comes with using Level 3 [Summon Meteor].
  • Note that the target should always have [Burn] status effect before casting [Summon Meteor] as [Burning Hand] will not proc otherwise.

Filler Skills

Note that Pyromancer has a very fluid rotation so you won’t really be using filler skills.

[Fire Burst]: only use this for damage if everything else is on cooldown.

Pushing Skills

They can be used to move mechanic objects while in content.

[Wheeling Staff (Lv 6+)]: Cast in the desired direction.

[Shock Wave]: Pushes away from you in all directions.

[Fire Burst]: Small forward push.

[Hotrod]: Creates a suction around you that pulls objects into you.

Skill Priority

This is the order of skills you should focus on using off cooldown.

  1. Level 3 [Summon Meteor]: Should be used whenever possible assuming the boss is vulnerable/able to be attacked.
  2. [Flash Fire]: Use off cooldown and during down time to reach 3 bubbles.
  3. [Ignite]: Use off cooldown and during down time to reach 3 bubbles.
  4. [Fireball Instant]: Great damage with very short cast time.
  5. [Magma Ball]:  Great damage with very short cast time.
  6. [Fireball]: Great damage needs a second to charge.
  7. [Fire Wall]: Good damage with an average cast time.
  8. [Inferno]: Good damage with a long cast time.
  9. [Hot Rod]: OK damage with a long cast time.

Skill Build

Unified Skill: Max HP Boost and FD Boost

Skill Crests

[Fireball DMG] / [Inferno DMG] / [Fire Wall DMG] / [Hot Rod DMG] / [Ignite DMG] / [Glacial Freeze DMG] / [Magma Ball DMG]

+1 [Fireball]



Pyromancer is a mid-range class that focuses on a simple gameplay loop of generating bubbles and casting [Summon Meteor] while filling in the gaps with her other DPS skills. The most recent update to Pyromancer removed the dependency on [Hot Rod] to deal damage and moved focus into blowing shit up with [Summon Meteor] and [Ignite].

Before doing any content, use [Flash Fire] and [Ignite] to generate 3 bubbles.

Charge [Fireball] --> [Phoenix Strike] --> [Glacial Freeze] --> [Fireball (Instant)] --> [Magma Ball] --> Level 3 [Summon Meteor] --> Level 0 [Summon Meteor] --> [Fire Wall] --> [Fire Burst] --> [Inferno]

Following [Inferno], shift into a priority focused gameplay loop. Aim to keep up bubble generation and DPS while avoiding taking damage.


Run 4 Omega Elemental gems.