Hi, I'm Vino (Discord: ImmortalVino). I play a bunch of classes on Project Duck and often fall back on Grand Master because of its simplicity and strength. This is the class I pick when I want to relax and still do top-level DPS.

Grand Master is a close to mid range DPS class with high burst and safe escapes. Your DPS is centered around your main combo of [Windbreaker] --> [Spanning Cleave] --> [Windbreaker] and stacking Sword Arrows to use [Sword Storm]. Since your normal bubbles (Ego) don't matter on this class, I'll be referring to Sword Arrows as bubbles.

If you're interested in learning other classes, check out or Class Guide Archive


[Windbreaker] - Your main damage skill, grants one bubble on cast. Hitting an enemy with [Spanning Cleave] refreshes its cooldown and increases the action speed, so you'll to do [Windbreaker] --> [Spanning Cleave] --> [Windbreaker] every time this skill is off cooldown. The full combo of all 3 skills grants 3 bubbles total.

[Spin Drift] - Good damage, moves you forward, and grants one bubble. I frequently use this skill to reposition to the sides of the boss.

[Grand Wave] - This skill is an enhanced [Impact Wave], it grants one bubble, and it's pretty bad. It has a lot of end lag, so as soon as the projectile is launched, I try to cancel it with either [Assault Drive] or [Elusive Shot].

[Impaler] - Ok filler skill that moves you forward slightly that grants one bubble. The instant version you get from using [Elusive Shot] is great and I'll use it to cancel the end-lag of [Sword Storm], [Grand Wave], and other skills.

[Spanning Cleave] - Great damage, great utility, and it grants one bubble. If you miss the initial swing, you won't gain the bubble or follow up with the spinning information. I frequently dodge and reposition with the spinning. Follow up with the quicker cast of [Windbreaker] that's granted by this skill.

[Assault Slash] - I only use it by left clicking after [Assault Drive], but it has good bubble generation and procs Time Fragments so make sure you're using it.

[Assault Drive] - You can use this skill to cancel your more laggy moves. Generates a bubble and lets you left click for [Assault Slash]

[Skyward Crash], [Comet Dive], and [Beat Crush] -  I call this the Beat Crush combo, and its mostly for Mystic Knight, but Grand Master can run out of skills so we use it too. [Beat Crush] is your main debuff skill, so press it every once in a while even if you aren't doing the full 3 skill combo.

[Grand Weapon Master] - full i-Frame and good damage. Use when your main combo is on cooldown

[Arrogance] - Unwipeable buff that lasts 999 seconds and makes your class function properly. Use it once and then forget about it unless you die.

[Crossover] - Hard hitting skill that feels great to use and grants one bubble. Using [Double Helix] immediately after reduces its startup, and while it's not necessary to do, I like doing it.

[Elusive Shot] - This skill is your "get out of jail free card." It cancels you out of whatever you're doing, and is a full i-Frame up until you press Spacebar for the extra hits, or until your character puts the weapon away (a full 2 seconds). Its low cooldown and great utility make you spam this skill, and its your activator to gain [Impaler Instant] which greatly increases your bubble generation.

[Double Helix] - This skill has a long startup and long cast-time, which means you really only want to press it while you wait for other cooldowns to recover. It does enough damage so that your DPS doesn't go down while using it, but not much more.

[Grand Arsenal] - Formerly called War Cry. Good filler skill. Use left click on most bosses, but right click on huge bosses like dragons and golems.

[Flare] - This skill has been deleted from the Knight tree

[Sword Storm] - Consumes your Sword Arrows and shoots that many at the target location. You don't get a bonus by shooting a full 10, but the cooldown lines up so that the skill is ready around the same time you hit 10 Sword Arrows. I will often use [Elusive Shot] --> [Sword Storm] --> [Impaler Instant] to cancel end lag and start building bubbles again right away.

Skill Build

Unified Skills: Max HP Boost, Final Damage Boost

Note: You can take [Savior] if you want to fill the hole in your rotation, but I have bad issues with my game randomly left clicking when I tumble, and I've been killed enough by [Savior] to skip out on it

Skill Crests

[Wind Breaker DMG] / [Spin Drift DMG] / [Impaler DMG] / [Spanning Cleave DMG] / [Crossover DMG] / [Elusive Shot DMG]

Skill up: +1 Wind Breaker


The main combo is the same, but you want to fit in [Grand Arsenal] as filler and put higher priority on using the [Assault Drive] combo as well as your ultimate.


Your main combo is [Wind Breaker] > [Spanning Cleave] > [Wind Breaker] and should be used off cooldown. Use [Sword Storm] whenever you reach 10 bubbles. After that, the rest of your skills are filler. This is what I generally do for my opener (starting at 10 Sword Arrows):

[Sword Storm] --> [Crossover] --> [Windbreaker] --> [Spanning Cleave] --> [Windbreaker] --> [Spin Drift] --> [Elusive Shot] + spacebar --> [Impaler Instant] --> [Impaler] --> [Grand Wave] --> [Assault Drive] + left click (Assault Slash) --> Beat Crush Combo --> [Elusive Shot] + spacebar --> [Impaler Instant] --> [Crossover] --> [Double Helix] --> freestyle


Dragon Gems

1 Conversion Gem + 3 Elemental