Why hello! XD-26 at your service! -- I'm Salvani(#3389), I started playing Shooting Star on NA after the 70 cap bullet system rework, and I played it until I quit NA towards the end of 93 cap. I love playing this class, and it was the first thing I picked up on my return to Project Duck. In this guide, I hope to impart some of my experience with bullet hell. Happy shooting!

Shooting Star, or SS, is a straightforward DPS class on Project Duck. The class capitalizes on bursting in between mechanics, and using its highly available i-Frames to output safe damage.

(If you're interested in learning other classes, check out or Class Guide Archive) - Vino

Skill Builds

Shooting Star has two main builds, both deviating from the same core build: The full SS build, or the Duck Utility build. Using the full SS build will always give you more DPS, but in some content and specific parties, it can be handy to switch to the Duck Utility build.

Core build

SS Pure Build

Utility Build

Skill Crests

[Bullet Barrage CDR] / [Splash DMG] / [Make it Rain DMG] / [AP Launcher CDR] / [Chemical Warfare DMG]

Optional: [Superball DMG] / [Cannon Blaster DMG] / [Alfredo Smash CDR] / [Roto-Whirl CDR]

Skill-Up: +1 Splash

Skill Breakdown


[Quick Shot] - (3 hits) This skill ties in with your CM3, giving you 2 seconds of CDR on [Bullet Barrage] and [Summon Buster]. The damage it deals is poor, but I weave it into my rotation as often as I can for the easy cooldown reduction. I dump all my spare points here because of how often I use it. You can re-allocate some or all of these points elsewhere for personal preference.

[Bombs-a-daisy] - (1 hit) Aerial right click attack. This passive grants a bit longer air time when jumping, and is useful for stomp mechanics. Make sure to left click first, then right click for the most air time. This is a preference pick, and the points can go into MP passives instead.

[Rise and Shine] - (1 hit) Tinkerer wake up skill. You need this to get off the ground faster when you get knocked down. It's also an i-Frame the moment you get up.

[Slip and Slide] - Also called Wax, this skill creates a puddle on the ground in front of the player that increases movement speed for the party by 50%. It also boasts a less useful feature where small enemies may slip and fall while walking over it. Max this skill for increased duration.

[Yum-a-tron] - No longer a RNG food-giving refrigerator, Yum-a-tron has been updated to a Class Buff on PDN. This buff grants the effects of Mana Flow (CDR), and Boost (FD).


[Superball] - (1 hit + bounces) This skill is best for a quick cast, and solid single target damage. The more it bounces, the less damage it deals overall, and it will bounce to things like Soul Eater's totem as well. Only the final enemy hit will take bonus damage for remaining bounces, so keep that in mind when using this skill.

[AP Launcher] - (10 hits) Second highest DPS thanks to its low cooldown, and the CM1 passive. Fires piercing bullets through the enemy. When 2 stacks of Overheat are acquired, [AP Launcher] becomes [Overheated AP Launcher], instead firing explosive bullets that deal increased damage. The enhanced version does not share its cooldown with the normal cast.

[Make it Rain] - (up to 40 hits) One of the strongest per-cast DPS skills the class has, [Make it Rain] launches a shell in front of the player that explodes in the air, and rains down mini shells in a conical forward AoE. [Make it Rain] is the only skill SS has that requires distance to hit properly. I recommend that everyone trying to play SS should practice hitting this skill accurately in BTG, and become familiar with the skill's range.

TIP: There is a small bug with [Make it Rain] (regular cast) where inputting a movement key when casting the skill is needed to achieve the full 40 hits. Doing this also ends the animation slightly faster, so it is recommended to always be "moving" while you use this skill.

[Bullet Barrage] - (up to 55 hits) The newer Shooting Star ulti has a much faster cast time, while still maintaining i-Frame utility. This skill ends up being usually between 3rd and 6th on your DPS meter, especially when used off cooldown. The i-Frame doesn't activate immediately when you click the skill and ends slightly before the skill visuals end, so keep that in mind when using this to dodge mechanics. I usually chain [Shooting Tactics] at the end of the cast to cancel the ending animation and extend the i-Frame.

[Piping Hot Alfredo] - Alfredo passive buff skill. Alfredo will use this off cooldown to increase his own damage, movement and action speed, and decrease his damage taken. Raising this skill to 3 gives it an extra 10 seconds buff duration, while the last 2 levels only give 1 second duration per. Either raise to 3 or max.

[Alfredo Tank] - When this was a party buff, Alfredo could save lives. A long cooldown buff that decreases your damage taken, and with the Class Mastery I, also heals you for 11% max HP. Increasing skill level only increases the % damage absorbed. You won't generally be needing this for more than a self heal.

[Rocket Crash] - (2 hits) You can store up to two uses of [Rocket Crash], and the cooldown decreases by 2 seconds per level up to level 10. From level 11 to 19, only 0.1 seconds is removed per level, so I level this up at most to 10. This skill ties in with the [Awakening Passive Quick Draw] to grant you +15% Action Speed for 4 seconds.

[Quackum Crash] - (1 hit) Summons a small robot duck to attack. While ducks are for the Gear Master specialization, they offer great utility in PvE with the [Quack Patrol] passive skill. [Quack Patrol] is the only reason to get ducks as a SS, other than the obvious fact they are cute mecha ducks.

[Quack Patrol] - (1 hit) The team utility of the Engineer tree, and the entire reason for the Duck Utility build. [Quack Patrol] Removes 1 buff from an enemy. This can be used to remove "Enrage" from multiple bosses throughout the game, such as Managarm (first boss in Rune Dragon Nest). A newly summoned duck will always use Patrol first on an Enraged target, allowing for a consistent source of buff removal.

Shooting Star

[Splash] - (7 hits) Shoot 7 explosive shells in front of you. This skill is the highest DPS skill Shooting Star has. Stacking up to 5 times, with a cooldown of 3 seconds, and a very short casting animation add up to make this skill so strong.

[Alfredo Overdrive] - (6 hits per laser) Alfredo shoots a laser in 4 directions, dealing good damage. While this ends up being Alfredo's weakest passive attack at the end of the day, it's mostly due to poor AI prioritization. It still pulls about 25% of Alfredo's overall damage though, so it's worth maxing regardless.

[Class Mastery 1] - (CM1) CM1 details the Overheat mechanic with [AP Launcher]. 1 stack of Overheat is gained every time you cast [AP Launcher]. When you have 2 stacks of Overheat, [AP Launcher] becomes Overheated, which has it's own cooldown. The damage boost to Overheated [AP Launcher] is +50%. Also a secret buff to [Alfredo Tank] giving it a 11% HP heal effect.

[Class Mastery II] - (CM2) CM2 enhances [Make it Rain] whenever [Chemical Grenade] is used. As mentioned in the [Make it Rain] section, you should be spaced and aim properly.

[Class Mastery 3] - (CM3) CM3 enhances [Quick Shot]. +300% ATK is a lame boost, but the cooldown reduction for the big skills is fantastic. -2 seconds off [Summon Buster], also called [Buster Call], and [Bullet Barrage] per cast. The skill does not need to hit anything to reduce cooldowns, so you can spam it in between bosses or mechanics to drop cooldowns as well.


[Summon Buster] - (9 hits) Also called [Buster Call] in certain skill tooltips, this skill sets a mark on the ground to call in a bombing ordinance from above. This skill is stationary after casting, and takes a couple seconds to deal full damage. While this skill does good damage per cast, especially if you get all 9 hits, but the incredibly long cooldown ends up holding it down to around 2-4% of your total DPS in most content.

[Shooting Tactics] - (1 hit) A very useful escape skill provided to SS in it's awakening. Boasting a short 5 second cooldown, [Shooting Tactics] can be activated by pressing Spacebar during any skill. This skill is a fantastic utility i-Frame, and also gives you a +15% Action Speed buff for 4 seconds with the [Quick Draw] passive. Using this instead of [Roto-Whirl] to dodge mechanics is a true sign of a skilled Shooting Star.

[Awakened Passive Alfredo] - An additional 100% HP for Alfredo, and 100% damage boost to all his skills. This also boosts the buff effect from [Piping Hot Alfredo], making Alfredo finally capable of doing damage.

[Awakened Passive Chemical Grenade] - Increases the range of [Chemical Grenade] by +200%, increases the overall damage, and gives it a small suction effect. The skill claims to provide Alfredo with a sense of direction against multiple enemies, but generally this can be achieved by Recalling him right next to the boss anyway. This passive isn't exactly bad, but [Chemical Grenade] is such poor damage that I don't bother to invest into it. If you decide to max [Chemical Grenade] with spare SP, the skill does a bit more damage.

[Awakened Passive Cannon Blaster] - Increases [Cannon Blaster] damage by 100%, and grants an extra charge of the skill. Very useful for when better skills are on cooldown.

[Awakened Passive Quick Draw] - Grants the same effect from CM3 to [Super Ball], [Cannon Blaster], [AP Launcher], and [Splash], whereby each cast reduces the cooldown of [Bullet Barrage] and [Summon Buster] by 2 seconds. This passive also gives [Rocket Crash] and [Shooting Tactics] a +15% Action Speed buff for 4 seconds, and gives [Make it Rain] and [Chemical Warfare] a 30% Movement Speed buff for 4 seconds.


The general rotation isn't consistent past the beginning, but there is a hierarchy of priority for what to use and when. You want to try to start all boss fights with 2 stacks of [Overheat] already (the glowing [AP Launcher]), and in between bosses be sure to spam [Quick Shot] until both [Summon Buster] and [Bullet Barrage] are off cooldown.

Summon Alfredo --> Summon Buster --> Chemical Grenade (spacebar) Shooting Tactics --> Chemical Warfare --> Make it Rain Instant --> Make it Rain --> Splash x2-3 --> Bullet Barrage [spacebar] --> Shooting Tactics --> AP Launcher x2 --> Superball --> Splash x5 --> Quick Shot (spacebar) Shooting Tactics --> Cannon Blaster x2 --> Quick Shot --> FILL BASED ON CD

After that starting rotation, the priority list goes as such:

Highest priority: [Splash] x4 or x5, [Bullet Barrage], [Make it Rain] (regular or instant cast), [AP Launcher], [Chemical Warfare]

Middle priority: [Summon Buster], [Superball], [Cannon Blaster]

Lowest priority: [Chemical Grenade], [Quick Shot], [Splash] x1-x3

Skill Notes: [Rocket Crash] and [Shooting Tactics] both give you a 30% Action Speed buff for 4 seconds, so you should use one or the other to keep that buff active as often as possible. I generally rely on [Shooting Tactics] since its cooldown is only 5 seconds, and leave [Rocket Crash] for positioning and a longer i-Frame for dodging.

When your biggest skills are on cooldown, [Quick Shot] spam is the highest priority. I try to weave it in as often as possible between filler skills to reduce cooldown of [Bullet Barrage] and [Summon Buster] as much as possible.

When casting [Chemical Grenade], always be mindful of the remaining cooldown on [Make it Rain Instant], as you'll want to make sure [Chemical Grenade] is off cooldown first for maximum DPS.

SS Pure Build - DPS Rotation Video

Dragon Gems

1 Conversion + 3 Elemental


If you've made it this far, congratulations! You should be ready to test your guns outside the Training Grounds! As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me on Discord. A huge thank you to YOU for reading, and to the Devs of Project Duck for making this server what it is.