This guide includes the basics and some extra tips to the Lustre class. The skill build, crests, and rotation are provided by Joorji#4444. If you're interested in expanding upon this guide, please reach out to me at ImmortalVino#1239.

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- Vino

Skill Build

Unified Skills: Max HP Boost, Final Damage Boost

Skill Crests

Changes depending on if you're planning on more supportive or DPS oriented play


[Lightning Rise DMG]
[Laser Piercer DMG]
[Eternal Light Soul CDR]
[Carnival Rush AS]
[Flood Trick DMG]
[Cast Cassia CDR]
[Pivot Strike CDR]


[Flood Trick DMG]
[Laser Piercer DMG]
[Drift Step CDR]
[Shoulder Crash CDR]
[Carnival Rush AS]
[Cast Cassia CDR]
[Pivot Strike CDR]

DPS Playstyle Skill up: +1 [Carnival Rush]
Supportive Playstyle Skill up: +1 [Cast Cassia]


  • [Cast Cassia]
  • [Lightning Rise]
  • [Drift Step]


  • Try to prioritize using [Cast Cassia] often as it has a very low cast time which can tick down while you cast your longer skills such as [Carnival Rush] and [Lightning Rise]
  • Hold [Cast Cassia] if your [Countdown] is about to be off cooldown
  • Use [Pivot Strike] as often as possible
  • [Pivot Strike] allows you to move slightly as your casting it. If you hold a directional key while casting, you'll move in that direction before locking in place to left click for the attacks
  • Save [Lightning Rise] for last as it doesn't do too much damage for its cast time + you'll want to save it for the long iframe
  • [L-Action] and [L-Combo] are really powerful fillers.
  • You can still use the [Drift Step] into [Carnival Rush Instant] once or twice to lower the cooldown of [Countdown] even if you're mainly playing as a support

Effective DMG Increase

Here are the effective damage increases for your party for each respective buff
  • [Eternal Light Soul]: 3.8%
  • [Eternal Light Quartz]: 3.1%
  • [Eternal Light Quartz] (20+ bubbles): 6.2%
  • [Eternal Light Might]: 13.5%

Rotation Examples