This guide includes only the basics to the Guardian class, with the skill build, crests, and rotation provided by EOAMALGAMATE#7451 (aka Darky/Salad) and Vahr#9959. If you're interested in expanding upon this guide, please reach out to me at Vahr#9959. ✌️

This guide does not cover how to tank in DN, which will be covered by another guide in the future.

If you're interested in learning about other classes, we have a Class Guide Archive!

Skill Build

Darky's Build

Vahr's Build

+1 to [Justice Crash] or [Divine Ascension], your playstyle will affect which one does more damage.


Darky's Build

[Roundhouse Kick AS], [Holy Kick AS], [Heart of Glory Duration], [Justice Crash CDR], [Divine Vengeance DMG], [Divine Ascension DMG]

Alternatives: Replace kick plates with [Block CDR], [SoF Reset Chance], [Armor Break DMG], [Iron Will Duration]

+1 [Justice Crash]

Vahr's Build

[Heart of Glory Duration], [Justice Crash CDR], [Divine Ascension DMG], [Divine Vengeance DMG]

+1 [Divine Ascension] or [Justice Crash] (your playstyle preferences affect which plate will do more damage for you, so experiment with both)


The Triple Ascension Combo

There's a neat little trick you can do due to how Guardian has two EXis which normally cannot proc off of each other, but due to a little quirk you can extend an existing proc with either [Divine Ascension] or [Divine Vengeance].

The triple combo is marked in {underline} in both rotations.


  • You want to extend the time between the first [Divine Ascension] and [Stance of Faith] as much as you can (which is usually why you fit skills here in between) in order to not let the third [Divine Ascension] fizzle out. You can fit skills like [Provoke], [Shield Charge], [Smite] in between [Divine Ascension]s as long as you are animation canceling properly with [Stance of Faith].
  • Use [Divine Punishment] after [Heart of Glory] for some extra damage.
  • You want to use [Stance of Faith] to proc [Divine Ascension] via left click as much as possible so that you gain a grace every time.

Darky's Rotation

[Armor Break] --> [Justice Crash] --> [Overwhelm] --> {[Shield Blow] --> [Divine Vengeance CM3] --> [Divine Ascension EX (Instant)] --> [Divine Judgement] --> [Stance of Faith] --> [Divine Ascension (Stance of Faith left click)] --> [Divine Ascension EX (Instant)]}

Priority: [Heart of Glory] > [Overwhelm] > [Justice Crash] > [Triple Ascension Combo] > [Thrust Force] / [Smite] / [Shield Charge] / [Sacred Hammering]

Vahr's Rotation

[Heart of Glory] rotation: [Armor Break] --> [Heart of Glory] --> [Divine Punishment] --> [Overwhelm] --> [Justice Crash] --> {[Shield Blow] --> [Divine Vengeance CM3] --> [Divine Ascension EX (Instant)] --> [Divine Judgement] --> [Stance of Faith] --> [Divine Ascension (Stance of Faith left click)] --> [Smite] --> [Divine Ascension EX (Instant)]} --> [Justice Crash] --> [Armor Break] --> [Stance of Faith] --> [Divine Ascension (Stance of Faith left click)] --> [Divine Vengeance EX (Instant)] --> [Overwhelm] --> etc...

You won't be able to use [Divine Judgement] or [Smite] every triple combo, but they can be used to fill in awkward pauses whenever you need them to (and you can fill in the spots in the triple combo with [Sacred Hammering], [Shield Charge], [Provoke], buff refresh, etc.)

Outside of [Heart of Glory] you perform a slower version of this combo ([Justice Crash] every other cycle and [Overwhelm] every 4 cycles)

Priority: [Heart of Glory] > [Overwhelm] > [Triple Ascension] Combo > [Justice Crash] > [Divine Ascension] > [Armor Break] > everything else (filler)