This guide includes only the basics to the Dragoon class, with the skill build, crests, and rotation provided by Swpz#6505. If you're interested in expanding upon this guide, please reach out to me at ImmortalVino#1239.

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Skill Build

Unified Skill: FD Boost


[Backflip Pierce DMG] / [Hornet's Touch CDR] / [Charging Sweep DMG] / [Twirling Thrust DMG] / [Spinning Takedown DMG]

+1 [Backflip Pierce]


[Backflip Pierce] --> [Forceful Bounce] --> [Hornet's Touch] --> [Backflip Pierce] --> [Charging Sweep]

Start with [Forceful Bounce] (your debuff) and make sure to weave in [Backflip Pierce] during proc chances and other high damaging skills such as [Charging Sweep], [Spinning Takedown] and [Twirling Thrust].

Additional Note: Video cuts off at start – the rotation started with [Champagne].