This guide includes only the basics to the Blood Phantom class, with the skill build, crests, and rotation provided by Sifut#0021. If you're interested in expanding upon this guide, please reach out to me at naka#0323. ✌️

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Skill Build

Unified Skills: Ultimate CD, Max HP Boost


[Passaway DMG] / [Phantom Drive DMG] / [Shadow Overdrive DMG] / [Madness DMG] / [Intense Suffering DMG] / [Painkiller CDR]

+1 [Shadow Overdrive] (for the phat damage)

Lethal Torture isn't on there as one of the DMG Crests. We're not playing live server buddy boy. dOn'T bUg PeOpLe AbOuT wHy LeThAl ToRtUrE iS gOoD!


[Bloody Sign] --> [Swift Cut] x3 -> [Shadow Overdrive] (left click) --> [Phantom Call] --> [Phantom Drive] --> [Lethal Torture (Instant)] --> [Intense Suffering] (right click) --> [Soul Breaker] --> [Pass Away] (hold right click) --> [Blood Phantom Transformation]

Note: [Pass Away] is used to reposition in order to prepare for your next [Shadow Overdrive]. [Pass Away] shuriken provides a minimal to zero difference in damage on golem. However, DPS will vary depending on the type of [Pass Away] you use based on boss size.