Yo! Danny here and I’m a play-it-all kinda guy. I’ve been playing Dragon Nest since release and Project Duck since 2019.

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You want a tank-burst DPS class with a pony? Then Randgrid is the best class for you. A lot of Randgrid skills have high SA value – especially her awakening passive. To me, Randgrid is a safer Barbarian. I use main skills (that I would label as fillers even though they're not) until its time for the infamous “hi-yah!” (aka [Counter Flare]).

Bubble System

Randgrid has a bubble system called “courage” that caps at 10. You passively gain 1 courage every 5 seconds and this helps enhance your main skills [Iron Lance], [Stomp n’ Stab], [Lava Raid], [Land Crush], and [Counter Flare].



[Hornet’s Touch]: Meant for block and also an iframe. This can be used for animation canceling.

[Flash Lift (CM3)]: Changed to Fire Attribute through CM3 – the Attack Power is increased and CD is reduced by 3 seconds. Use [Land Crush] right after to increase its casting speed.


[Thrust]: Optional.

[Brandish]: Damage debuff, nothing more.

[Gale Stab]: Required to learn [Splitter].

[Parrying Step]: Take a defensive position and leap backwards. [Parrying] is applied only at the beginning of the animation but even when [Parrying] fails it has a long iframe.

[Splitter]: Just another animation canceler (I’ll have an alternative skill build that allows you to get this skill at the required level, you will be sacrificing [Hornet’s Touch] levels but that is fine.)

[Rising Lava]: Leap in the air to deal high damage. This skill should be used right before [Falling Meteors].

[Falling Meteors]: After leaping in the air, you strike the ground which deals high damage. [Falling Meteors] is one out of the three skills that add Burn, which allows you to deal more damage. This can be activated by right clicking after [Rising Lava]. This skill also activates [Stomp n’ Stab (Instant)] and your buffs [Force of Knights], [Fighting Spirit], [Lance Mastery], and [Damage Resistance] (all buffs which are necessary to your build...just add them 😊).

[Iron Lance]: A shove-then-stab skill that does good damage, with low CD and also your elemental debuff. This also reduces damage you receive by 50%.Has a left click function for an additional hit.

[Stomp n’ Stab]: You stomp your foot then you…STAB! The cooldown isn't too long or short, the skill does pretty good damage, and you get increased SA. Has a left click function for an additional hit.

[Lava Raid]: Leap in the air and slam down leaving an Aftershock in the location that deals 50% of the initial skill. Your SA will also increase using this skill as well. Has a left click function for additional hit. (I recommend only using this when your CM1 doesn’t proc.)

[Radical Charge]: Learning this skill is a must in order to learn [Land Crush]. This can be used to push crystals in IDN or used as a filler of some sort.

[Land Crush]: Spin around and slam the lance on the ground. This skill does great damage and also has a left click function for an additional hit. This is the second out of three skills that inflicts Burn, which allows for additional damage.

[Blaze Strike]: Randgrid's Ultimate, and the last of three skills that inflict Burn for additional damage. I have this at max but for the skill build that includes splitter you would keep this at 1/3.


[Counter Flare]: Take a defensive stance then start launching out strong stabs that cause explosions. This is your bread and butter, and should be top in your DPS spread. Consumes 2 courage (bubbles) every stab and thus the reason why this skill should be used right after activating [Heat-up]. When [Heat-up] runs out and this skill is off cooldown, you can use it in between your rotation until the next time you can combine it with [Heat-up]. Damage received is reduced by 50%. If you successfully block, your next stab has a 30% chance of coming out faster.

[Heat-up]: Every 2 seconds, 1 courage is generated instead of 5 every 1 second. (This is why we pair this skill up with [Counter Flare]. EX skills that use courage are enhanced [Iron Lance], [Stomp n’ Stab], [Lava Raid], [Land Crush], and [Counter Flare].)

[Heroic Charge]: You hop on a flaming stallion and charge forward for 3.5 seconds. The entire skill is iframe during cast.

Invincibility Frames

[Hornets Touch] / [Parrying Step] / [Blaze Strike (Ultimate)] / [Heroic Charge]

Skill Build

Alternative Build

Max everything in the Randgrid tree and Awakening like normal. The benefit to this build is increased ability to animation cancel. Personally, the only time I ever animation cancel is with [Heat-up] and even with [Hornet’s Touch] at a 17s CD, it will usually always be up to cancel [Heat-up].  This is preference though, as it has the potential to increase DPS but I’m choosing to not be that picky. If it works for you let me know!

Skill Crests

[Counter Flare DMG] / [Stomp n' Stab DMG] / [Rising Lava CDR] / [Falling Meteors CDR] / [Iron Lance DMG] / [Land Crush CDR]

+1 [Counter Flare]


Your two opener skills will always be [Brandish] --> [Iron Lance]. After this, there are three different options for how you can continue your opening rotation – all include applying Burn before your [Heat-up] --> [Counter Flare] combo. After finishing with [Counter Flare] you can then use fillers until [Heat-up] is off CD.

Make sure to avoid using [Land Crush] on its own – you will notice a difference in the cast time. Spam [Iron Lance] as it does good damage and it is your elemental debuff (and there's nothing wrong with keeping the boss debuffed!)

Opening rotation options:

  1. [Brandish] --> [Iron Lance] --> [Flash Lift] --> [Land Crush] (Burn applied) --> [Heat-Up] (animation cancel with [Hornet Touch] or [Splitter]) --> [Counter Flare] --> filler skills
  2. [Brandish] --> [Iron Lance] --> [Rising Lava] --> [Falling Meteors (right click)] Burn applied --> [Stomp n’ Stab (Instant)] --> [Heat-Up] (animation cancel with [Hornet's Touch] or [Splitter]) --> [Counter Flare] --> filler skills
  3. [Brandish] --> [Iron Lance] --> [Flash Lift] --> [Land Crush] (Burn applied) --> [Stomp n’ Stab] --> [Rising Lava] --> [Falling Meteors (right click)] Burn applied --> [Stomp n’ Stab (Instant)]